Tune into Abundance

Stephen Covey describes the Win-Win Habit as the “Habit of Mutual Benefit”.  The mentality that one must have for this habit is of abundance:  “There is plenty out there for everyone, and more to spare”. I am amazed at my own children and how they have acquired a win-win attitude.  They love to share their ideas with others and enjoy having their ideas “remixed” by others for the benefit of everyone.  I think I grew up in a more competitive time.  I was taught to not share my work because others would “steal” my ideas or copy me.  I was not encouraged to collaborate often enough and thus have more of a competitive attitude. This paradigm has evolved for me due to the nature of my work and even more so due to interacting with others using social media such as Twitter.  I wonder if my children became more tuned into abundance due to their interaction with Web 2.0 /social media tools?

When I think about 21st century learning, collaboration is at the heart of it and having an abundance mentality is a prerequisite!  I ask myself…have I held children back from sharing and collaborating as often as they should due to my mentality?  Do the adults in children’s lives have the scarcity mentality and do our children have the abundance mentality?  If so, what does that look like for our learning environments at home, at school and at the hockey rink/soccer field/dance studio, etc.?  A win-win paradigm is crucial.  This leads to creative cooperation that result in innovation and invention.  Isn’t this what we want for our own children and our students?  What paradigm are you coming from and has it evolved?


About Maureen Schlemko

Principal, literacy specialist, instructional leader and coach passionate about connected leading & learning and inspiring others!

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