Principal, literacy specialist, instructional leader and coach passionate about connected leading & learning and inspiring others to see their worth & to find their voice!

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                                  Wordle created from staff feedback

Maureen is currently principal of a Pre-K-3 school that has approximately 560 students and 50 staff members.  She is a certified trainer in the 7Habits of Highly Effective People, certified in Cognitive Coaching and a literacy specialist.  Her administrative, teaching and coaching career includes experience with all age groups from pre-K to adults including a wide range of learning challenges for at-risk students.

Maureen presents and facilitates sessions on pedagogy, literacy, leadership and technology integration. Maureen is also an original committee conference member for the Central Alberta 21 Century Technology and Learning Symposium and former treasurer of  the Alberta Technology Leaders in Education .


Each and everyday…

Each and every child

I have the power, the passion,

The skill and the knowledge to

Make a difference

Each and everyday…

Each and every child.”

                                                       Sandra McBrayer

Note: The opinions expressed on this blog are my opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my school or district.


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