Leading Learning

I enjoy facilitating learning not only in the classroom with students but for adults as well!

Some learning experiences that I have developed and led and/or co-led are:

Early Literacy for Parents:  Every year I facilitate a workshop for parents to help them to understand the importance of modeling literacy in the home and to share practical ideas on how to develop their child’s literacy skills.  I also extend this learning through my ReaderNation website.

Classroom Walk-throughs: Collaborated to develop a classroom walk-through model for our school that was shared to administrators in our division

7Habits of Highly Effective People: Trained all staff in the 7Habits of Highly Effective People.  This facilitated training is ongoing as new staff come to work at our school.

E-portfolios for Administrators:  Presented my electronic portfolio and my reflection process to the Administrators Mentorship Group which is based on Wolf Creek Public Schools Admin Procedure 421.  This Assessment Model for Administrators includes 7 domains: Human Element, Learning Leadership, Visioning, Professional Growth, Management, Community and WCPS Admin Association.

  • Feedback:”Hi Maureen. Thanks again for taking the time to share your portfolio and thoughts on the process you use to be a reflective leader. You did a fabulous job and I must say, the feedback from the group was very positive!” 

Digital Citizenship for parents & Staff:

    • Created the 7Habits of Digital Citizenship.  This built upon what we had already committed to as a staff and provided common language for all stakeholders.
    • Educated parents about Digital Citizenship at school Council meeting.  Parents were very receptive.
    • Educated staff about digital citizenship and have created an AISI Wolfden where they are experiencing WC social media.  After AISI in-servicing, staff must comment and upload plans into Wolfden.

Cognitive Coaching Overview:  Presented this coaching model to all administrators in our division as well as at a CARC session in June 2011.

Quote from psychologist/consultant at a CARC Session on Cognitive Coaching:

           “…thanks for an awesome presentation…Your knowledge in this

           area is very evident…and you shared it in an exceptionally effective

           manner!! You have a great way of connecting with people – you walk the talk!”


Comprehension Strategies for Guided Practice:  Collaborated to develop a series of professional development session within our own school to build the capacity of staff to effectively teach reading through guided practice.  I facilitated the main pedagogy behind teaching the strategies. A few examples are:

  1. Facilitated in-servicing on “schema” within guided practice for reading.  Staff Quotes:
  • “That was one of the best PD sessions I have ever had!”
  • “Great in-service! You gave me some great ideas!”

2. In-service on the Questioning strategy for guided practice.  Staff realized the connection to schema.

Pedagogy First:  Collaborated to submit a successful proposal for funding to develop 21st Century learning environments

What so Great About Twitter? in collaboration with Vicky Sahlin

Audience=Engagement  at  ATLE Conference 2011  in collaboration with Vicky Sahlin

Feedback from ATLE:

That was AWESOME!!!

Just a short note to say thanks for the excellent ways you built capacity through your ATLE session at the conference…your session was powerfully implemented. Thanks for your work!!!”

Leadership Matters: Presented I Used to Think… to our district’s Administrator’s Association and to the Collage of Alberta School Superintendents.

DocuShare Road Show: Facilitated district DocuShare review in collaboration with Karen Frezell, software support coordinator, to assist schools in the use of this secure document storage technology.

Creating Excellent Learning Environments: Launching Daily 5 at IREC: Facilitated workshop at district Summer Institute on school journey in Daily 5/CAFE practices in collaboration with coaches Vicky Sahlin and Karen Laszuk.

The Power of Twitter: Facilitated a session in collaboration with Vicky Sahlin at the Collage of Alberta School Superintendents meeting.

Leading Your School with Technology Integration: Leverage what you are already doing to engage & empower staff & community! Session Description Facilitated this session at:

21 Century Teaching & Learning Symposium  in Sept. 2014

Leadership for Technology Integration: ATLE: Convergence Conference in Nov. 2014

 Tweet edit

Google Summit 2015 in Mar. 2015

Bully-Free Environment- Parent & Teacher Sessions Feb., 2016

Systemic Change Session: Literacy Summit May 30, 2016

#WTPRLeadership21 Century Teaching & Learning Symposium Sept., 2016


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