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What’s Your Metaphor?


Flickr: Over the Corn Field by Walt Stoneburner

I’ve been reading a book called Conferring: The Keystone of Reader’s Workshop by Patrick A. Allen.  In this book, it quoted a metaphor by Mark Wagler (Mooney, Mooney, and Holt, 1996) for a traditional classroom:

“Traditional classrooms are like corn fields. The farmer plows the

whole field at one time. One type of corn is planted with a standard

distance between the rows and between the seeds within the rows.

Every row receives the same amount of fertilizer. Each plant should

look about the same and will be harvested at the same time. A very

simple structure.”  

What metaphor would you use for your classroom or the classrooms in your building? Would each classroom be a different metaphor? Would they all align with this metaphor?  What would be a metaphor for a great learning environment? Would the metaphor align with the school’s mission/vision?