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iPads in Pre-K: App-solutely Fun!

Here is a list of our top 5 favourite pre-k apps according to the pre-k students.  These apps are an engaging way to develop fine motor, speech and thinking skills:

1.  Cookie Doodle: This app lets the students be creative and it develops their fine motor skills at the same time!

What the pre-k’s say:

” I like cracking the egg.”

” I like to roll it and bake it.”

2.  Cyber Toy:  This app develops fine motors skills by pushing and sliding buttons with their fingers.

What the pre-k’s say:

” It transforms!”

” I like Bumble Bee.”

3. Toca Hair Salon:  This app also let’s student be creative and giving their fine motor skills a work out!

What the pre-k’s say:

“I like to cut the hair.”

” It’s fun because you get to blow dry the hair!”

“The guys are funny.”

4. Talking Tom: This fun app repeats anything you say!  It gets students talking and practicing proper speech in an engaging way!

What the pre-k’s say:

” He’s funny!”

” I can hear what I say!”

5. Meet Biscuit:  This app has the read aloud story, coloring pages, sticker book, memory game and puzzles!

What the pre-k’s say:

” I like the puzzles!”

” The story is funny!”